Monday, March 12, 2012

Denver Revisited, Part I: Home, Umbrella Factory and a New Day

I went home to Denver during the second week of February.  February in Denver is my favorite time.  Unfortunately, it was not time for sightseeing, old friend visits or long afternoons of wandering the streets which hold allure, ghosts, memories and gold.

I suppose I just don't know what it is about the place.  It may be the history, my history, it may be the air with its thin, dry and light flavor.  Who knows?  Whatever it was on that Sunday morning in February, I just couldn't think outside of how much I missed the place.  It's all right to be homesick once in a while, right?  I found myself being homesick for the streets, the lay of the land and the quality of light.  It was strange, because oftentimes when someone is homesick it's because of their people.  And for me, it was the streets.  Who knows?
The trip to Denver came as a business trip for me. Umbrella Factory Magazine. After months of little direction, too much miscommunication, ennui and desperation, we're getting back on track.   Perhaps greater than the trip home was the trip home to learn new things, think new thoughts and tackle a new job.  Taking over the back end of the magazine, the programming, webmaster and business stuff is a big deal for me.  After all, when UFM began, just checking my email was a taxing chore.
A new day?  It is.  I feel like the new UFM job is part of it.  And I feel especially rejuvenated after a few days in Denver.

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