Monday, March 30, 2015

One of Mine: Ocean into Cotton Candy

Ocean into Cotton Candy
Ocean into Cotton Candy is a continual exploration into the fringes of society and the thoughts those fringes may have. It delivers the personal heartbreak of missed opportunities and lost affairs. It alludes war and accidents and illness to arrive at the single park side sunset of realization. It challenges morality, and it becomes morality. In “An Easy Escape” the heroine addresses the benefits of a world without electricity. And in the title story “Ocean into Cotton Candy” a yellow toothed stranger ponders the worth of vast quantities of warm gin during his trek from the midwest to the ocean.

225 Pages. 47,000 Words.

Monday, March 23, 2015

One of Mine: The Errors of Fabric

The Errors of Fabric
The homeless are losing their heads in Denver, literally.  A seasoned veteran of the streets is lead investigator's only clue.  Eventually, the beheadings are nothing more than the casualties of turf war.  And the seasoned veteran of the street?  He knows the world has ended in 1993.
The fabric is stretched over twenty years and thwarted at two generations: loss, teenage pregnancy, redemption and abortion.  There is no reality more than this: how can she look herself in the mirror when she has fulfilled the destiny her mother could not?
237 Pages. 49,000 Words.

Monday, March 16, 2015

One of Mine: Masks and Dolls

Mascaras Y Munecas 

Throwing things off bridges is more than metaphor, it's the simply hold then launch then splash and away it goes, it's possibility.  More possible still descending the dark stairwell during terrorist bombings, and entire love affair blooms from contact through conception.  On the road home, a man can change, no matter how often he comes home, no matter how barbaric his mask.  
Sometimes being accepted and sometimes pushed away, the mask fritters his days from B.C. and D.F.  He sometimes finds a doll and sometimes is not disappointed.  The road home, for the mask takes more time than he may have, the amount of time between vengeance and forgiveness.  
256 Pages. 56,000 Words.

Monday, March 9, 2015

One of Mine: Sand and Asbestos

Sand and Asbestos
Coming in 2014

The motion of her retraction was barely noticeable due to the fatness of her body. Her hands were swollen, each knuckle of each finger immobilized by the thickness of their mass. Her fingers stuck together, practically, and became less like the digits of a glove, but more like a mitten. It was intentional, it was beauty, and it was the model of the aesthetic. Her massive palm moved over his shoulder, clearing the area of the shoulder blade first, and then rounding the top. Her sausage sized thumb, less and less opposable to the rest of her hand day by day, brushed across the rolls of his neck. The sensation did not go unnoticed. “Ulla,” he said. “I must,” he said. She looked up to him, she raised the lids of her small eyes which were dots in her otherwise rounded face. “I want to, you must know that.”

In a world where the mundane and the unintelligent are rewarded with jobs and fatness, the people are easily controlled. Laziness on the part of the world's residents have willingly reduced free speech to nothing, free will to abyss and a freely elected government to three panel members. The utopia is bliss, the dystopia is the utopia gone wrong. The mistopia results from not looking. Serialized in 2011 at Sophia Ballou.

Monday, March 2, 2015

One of Mine: Just Then the Moment

Just Then the Moment
Just Then the Moment is the alienation of artists in a post industrial world. In the ruins of the industrial United States, present day, this group of Bohemians find solace in creation and hedonism. Despite the decaying factories around them, and the rail line that separates them from the modern consumer world, Just Then the Moment is ultimately a love story.

A welder, a handyman, a violinist, a laborer-bum, a shut-in and a fraud carve out their niche only for one cosmic collision that destroys their world. In a world overrun by materialism and greed, a sour reflection in the industrial abyss does create new ways to sprout different thoughts, inventive ways of seeing, softer ways to love. Ultimately, the dawn of how the world works may become too strong.

235 Pages. 49,000 Words.