Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Finishing What Was Started Part 3, the middle

I knew I was in trouble when I considered the long months I had been stalled out on Coppertown. I knew I was in trouble because of derelict condition of my thoughts about the manuscript. I also remember the moment, sometime last spring when these thoughts occurred to me.

In the spring I knew two things: I would have time come the fall and I would not be able to rejoin the manuscript with any sort of easy. It's like running a race, making it half to the finish line and then sitting down for months, or years and trying to move on after the hiatus.

What I did know was that the entire story of Coppertown revolved around the town itself. A dead Colorado mountain town that has seen it's heyday some time ago. I knew that the town had been part of the gold then silver rush then died in or around 1890. I knew the town had been the site of the 1977 film Blood Sucking Coal Miner Zombies. So, that's what I knew of the town I had manufactured for the story.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Finishing What Was Started Part 2, the end of the beginning

I have no idea why I was unable to abandon this project. I guess it's only because I worked on it for so long that I was just unable to forgo it. I'm also that type of person who has to finish something. Not everything, but everything that I've given any time to. I have begun stories that I thought might become something, but after a few scribbly-scrawly pages I ditched them. This was not the case with Coppertown. I wrote and wrote and wrote all sorts of small vignettes, then I began writing the story.

I also began to write the story many times. In a way, the entire first half of the manuscript is the beginning of the story three times.

I remember reading I, the Divine and loving that it was nothing but the first chapter written over and over and over again. It was a well thought out book and one that was well written.

Not the case with Coppertown.

If I can draw experience from all the other manuscripts I've written over the years, it is this: write them fast. I never spent less than six weeks and never more than three months on a manuscript. None of course accept this one. Something else I've learned is that the first half of a story takes about 90% of the time, and the second half goes very quickly. At least for me.

The end of the beginning has taken place for months. Every time I opened up this manuscript and began to write anew, it was, in a way, a new beginning. What a hassle.

Moral? Just write it. Sit down and do it. Don't drag it out.

Next time:
Finishing What Was Started Part 3, the middle

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Finishing What Was Started Part 1: The Beginning

I began Coppertown during the summer of 2013, in the waning days of my Portland, OR life. I wish I could sum up the time. The summer of 2013, August especially, was a whirlwind of finality. I do mean finality. The oldest date I can find for this project is August 5, 2013 when “Coppertown: First Thoughts” launched at Sophia Ballou.

First Thoughts” was not something that I continued. It was sort of a short story, mostly a little vignette about a young couple in a fabricated Colorado mountain town. The two were in a restaurant. There was some conflict and ultimately I wanted one of them to murder the other.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Greed and Lust

I have always believed that all human beings are greedy. I don't mean this in a bad way. I have always believed that all people are lusty too. Also, not intended to be a bad thing. So, here we are, we're all lusty and greedy.

It seems to me that most people are looking for wealth. It's all about how you define that wealth. It could be money or material things. It could be education, it could be loved ones and family. It could be experiences. So, here we are, what do you lust after?