Monday, May 25, 2015

Six Month Digital Fast

Outside the rain falls. It's been falling pretty much since mid-April. This is unusual weather for Colorado, especially the Front Range. It's been raining and that's a good thing. People in Colorado become very moody if it's cloudy for two consecutive days. That's right, it's sunny here nearly everyday. But this spring has been wet. The rain has created two colors here: gray and green. These are very different colors than the blue and brown we're accustomed to seeing.

I've recently completed a large project. I had it in my mind last December that I was just going to write. I was just going to write in my 9.75” x 7.5” composition notebooks for a while. It was just that I wanted to write some short stories, maybe some poems, whatever, whatever I wanted to write at the time. In short, I was going to do what it took to do just that, me and the composition notebook.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Anthony's Random Writing Prompt

Monday, May 11, 2015

Old Curriculum & Lesson Plans

Here are a few samples from former courses or workshops I taught.  Please feel free to use them:

Please check back often, I will update and add to this list.

Tearoom Writer's Workshop

AAA109 (a college prep course)

Umbrella Factory Workshops (The 2010 workshop manual)

Monday, May 4, 2015

One of Mine: Idyllic Days

Idyllic Days
This collection much like the title story: "The End of the Idyllic Days," searches out the importance of when it's best to just leave things behind.  The digging up of old stuff in "Less Than Morbid Ambiguities" and the settling of affairs in "Summer Girl," both explore the underside of society during times of economic recovery.  When we reach the end of days, will we think of the past as times of the idyllic?
240 Pages. 51,000 Words