Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sown and Sewn: Part II Back to Ground Zero

Fuck. That's the only real way to describe it, this feeling, this novel, and this disposition. I've made a few really, really big mistakes. First, I waited too long to begin Errors of Fabric. After all, I wrote the other nine novels one right after the other, and now I've had about a year long furlough before beginning this novel. The next mistake is that I looked through all of my old notebooks at the first drafts of the 2009 novels. And perhaps the last mistake is that I thought I could use all my notes and drafts and starts and fits and mold them into this new piece. Fuck. Nothing could be closer to the truth.
So? Where does that leave me? Who knows?
When it comes to the writing of a novel, I just don't believe that it's a difficult thing to do. Just gotta do it, that's it. I don't know why this piece is so tough.
First, let me say that the plan from part one (January 23, 2012) is not a bad plan. I like the proposed stretch of the story. And after looking at “Rogues and Tramps,” there is potential there. But, how can I make something from this? I don't exactly have doubts.
When I looked through my old notebooks at first drafts, it seems I started something new at the onset of a new notebook. I face that prospect right now. I wonder how much personal psychology goes into that new notebook. Very tough to say.
For anyone out there dealing with this, like I am: it's time to just write it down. The construction of a novel happens slowly, organically. And I do mean slowly, even if the entire first draft can be completed in a matter of days. It's a fifty thousand word story. Just go. And for me? The old drafts are out the window. It's a new day, a new notebook and a new Errors of Fabric.
I will more than likely use “Rogues and Tramps” within the story of Errors of Fabric. Yet, I may not. What I know is this: Today, as I begin this new piece, I have nothing. I have a 200 page wide ruled composition notebook and a vague understanding of the story. As of January 2012, I start this piece on the 19th with a word and page count of zero.

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