Monday, April 25, 2011

The Year to Come

Before I leap into the second year of this blog, I have nothing but gratitude for the year behind me. Of all my experiences as a writer: grad school, short story publications; the novel Sand and Asbestos, my work with Umbrella Factory Magazine and RocketHouse Studios, I must admit that this blog has been the most rewarding for many, many reasons. First, I've loved the actual design and development of it. Blogspot has been a fun thing to learn and navigate. This second year, as far as the logistics of it all, will probably stay the same.
For any of you who read this, I urge you to begin a blog. It's a great way to showcase work and focus ideas. Blogspot is free, so even that makes it perfect for developing ideas since there is nothing binding you to it. Free press. Right?

Story of the Week, although tricky to keep pace with, will be a constant focus for this second year. The very notion that I'd want to write a short story a week and post it here is difficult to do. I hope the second year proves another 52 short stories, but it's a tough pace. Admittedly, I will post some of these stories more than once. The goal again this year is to attempt submission of the Story of the Week to some magazine or other. Again, it is a tough pace.

I have refreshed the focus of the blog: Reading, Writing, and the Teaching of Writing. I plan to keep the seasonal reading lists for no other reason than they have been a great way to focus. The posts of June and July will be reading heavy with the revised curriculum reading lists.

As far as the writing portion, stay tuned to Story of the Week, RocketHouse, and the novels at the footer of this page. Additionally, I plan to do a little more work in the “Small Press” series this fall.

And the teaching of writing? New series are in the planning stages. New topics too. We'll see where that leads.

I have applied to Portland Community College for consideration of an adjunct instructor position. Should that come to fruition, don't be surprised, or offended if the curriculum shows up here.

The long and short of it, I feel another year hitch ought to be every bit as rewarding as the first year was. The learning curve was gradual. A second year of deeper study, deeper thought and fine tuning should prove every bit as fun and rewarding.

The last entreaty, simply, thanks for reading. Thanks for the support and the kind words. Please tell anyone you know who might benefit from my words to read this blog. Of course, tell everyone you know to follow. Thank you all for the opportunity. I hope this blog has been helpful to you

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