Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Where Have All Artists Gone? The Conclusion: They're right here.

It's a question I often ask my coworkers: “What would The Breakfast Club be about today?” Would it be about five misfits learning that they're more alike than not, or would it be five kids on cellphones? I think the question is appropriate. I also ask about the common experiences kids have these days. Are pills and video games as prevalent as I think they are and can you really bond over such stuff? Also, what are the art and music and creative classes happening in schools these days? I don't feel like art programs are nearly as common anymore.

If we remove spending for art and theater and music in school, what will happen to our future?

These are just statements and none of them are new and I know it. I also know that no matter how much spending gets cut in art programs in schools the kids interested in these things will find them. And I think the kids who grow up to be artists will continue their practice throughout life. At least I hope so.

As adults, it is too easy to forgo your artistic practices for all sorts of reasons. But when you consider the reasons, are they really good reasons? Yeah, I know life happens. I know that there are times when you must take care of business. And I know how easy it is to get distracted with Youtube or Facebook or any of it. Take care not to fritter away your time on such things. I have to wonder how many artists have lost it because of distractions? These distractions come in all sort of ways.

Where have all the artists gone? Well, they haven't gone into the derelict districts of my town like Janice suggested they should go. They haven't made a time machine and gone back to less expensive times. No, I think they're still here. It's now just a question of making them into a community.

I hope you can, in your neighborhood or town, collect up all the artists and put them together. Create something.

Just create.

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