Wednesday, May 10, 2017

In the time it takes to eat lunch

I'm an incredibly fast eater. It happens to those of us who have had to eat in a rush. I won't even sit down. I'll hold my plate with one hand and eat with the other. It's not attractive, I know, but it's what I do. Even when I slow down, I'm still finished eating within seconds. Ultimately it's because I have always felt like eating is a chore and I'd rather be outside playing.

I bring it up only because I've recently read Rachel Grate's 14 Brilliant Pieces of Literature You Can Read in the Time it Takes to Eat Lunch. I agree with her list, fully and totally. She has picked some great pieces of literature.

But I eat very fast.

So here's my list:

1. "Happy Endings" Margaret Atwood
2. "Girl" Jamaica Kincaid
3. "The Elephant" Slawomir Morzek
4. "An Episode of War" Stephen Crane
5. "A Clean, Well-lighted Place" Ernest Hemingway
6. "Midnight Mass" Paul Bowles
7. "On Meeting the 100% Most Perfect Girl One Fine April Morning" Haruki Maurakami
8. "Homage for Issac Babel" Doris Lessing
9. "Crossing into Poland" Issac Babel
10. "The Dead Man" Jorge Luis Borges
11. "The Dead Man" Horacio Quiroga
12. "The Weather in San Francisco" Ricard Brautigan
13. "The Other Wife" Collette
and if you can eat slowly, and I mean slowly:
14. Things That Hang From Trees by T.A. Louis

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