Monday, October 20, 2014


If you haven't worn a uniform while in the name of patriotism and been forced to point a weapon at another human being, well we don't have much to talk about. You may thank me for my service, which infuriates me. I will not find much of value in anything you say. It's hypocritical. Let me break it down:

  1. An American flag made in China will have colors that run.
  2. If you oppose abortion, you are not allowed to support the death penalty.
  3. If you love Jesus, then please, act like Jesus.
  4. If you think we should removed slavery in the US from history books, you're an idiot. Slavery was a horribly thing. Africans built this country and their contributions are immeasurable. We are who we are because of who we were.
  5. If you think war is a good idea, then you join up. Do it today.
  6. If you are afraid, we ain't got nothing to talk about.
  7. If you aren't afraid, did you know that many school systems want to remove any hint of civil disobedience from textbooks? Oh, if Henry could see us now.
  8. The best thing for us is whatever the system decides for us: 24hour electronic stimulation and amply supplied processed food.
  9. Why there ought to be a law. Shouldn't we have more regulation?
  10. Despite what you may think, you really are not unique. Rather than being smug, be humble, and if you cannot be humble, be quiet.

When we came home it was a terrible realization than the entire country had suddenly came down with a serious case of the stupid. Cars got bigger. To-go cups got bigger. Opposition got whinier. And still, everyone seemed to like highly organized things: religion was still popular, broadcast sports seemed to round out the afternoons after God. And then there's the politics. Can you see any difference between them?

We got back and the only thing that seemed to matter was each other. We had left our homes and families and communities and went abroad to disrupt the homes and families and communities of others. And returning home again? Fuck you.

After the war we went to college. The first time we dropped acid we were all in college. We were busy absorbing the liberal arts subjects that would give us the edge over the generation before us. We were learning Adam Smith and Descartes and Ralph Waldo Emerson. We left the rotary phone and the typewriter and the map and compass like we left the war, reluctantly. Reluctantly, we gave what was fed to us and on Thursday afternoons after class, we wandered deeper into decaying industrial streets in the center of town and took LSD.

What we discovered was this: it's going to go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and there is so very little you're going to do to stop it, to slow it, or to make it right.

We discovered that if there is war, and there is always going to be war, it's because of one reason and one reason only. War is only going to get started because one stupid white mother fucker is fixin' to lose some money.

I do not mean to suggest we end war, but call it what it is. End the hypocrisy. I do not mean to suggest that the total anesthetization of society by processed foods, 24hour electronic stimulation, religion, sports or politics is necessary either. I do not endorse LSD. I do not endorse drugs of any kind, legal or illegal.

I am merely suggesting that everyone be quiet.

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