Curriculum Vitae

Metropolitan State University of Denver BA of English 1997
Goddard College MFA in Creative Writing 2009

Professional Organizations:
Active member of the AWP Association of Writers and Writing Programs

"Bermuda Grass" Five on the Fifth, 2018
"All Things American" Jenny, 2017
"A Night without Stars" Mad Swirl, 2017
"End of the Line," "Cracked Lips," Darker Side," Empty Bra," Untied Shoes" Poetry Pacific, 2017
"Prosperity" Origami Journal, 2017
"It Was Just So Hot" Microfiction Monday, 2017 
"The Sunbather" Verdad Magazine, 2017
"Funeral Tea" Peacock Journal, 2017
"Coffee Cult" The Flash Fiction Press, 2017
"The End of the Idyllic Days" The Writing Disorder, 2017
Undertakers of Rain, a novel Ring of Fire Publishing, 2013
Dysphoric Notions, a novel Ring of Fire Publishing, 2012
"The Escape from Recess" Red Lightbulbs,  2012
"When It's Cold in December" WordPlaySound,  2012
“The Time Machine” Bananafish, 2010
"Ocean into Cotton Candy" Curbside Splendor, 2010
“The Kreb's Cycle” Sherbert Magazine, 2005
“Breaking Pens with Rage” Sherbert Magazine, 2003
“My Day in a Nutshell” Sherbert Magazine, 2003

To Better Days Rocket House Pictures, 2014
Resort to Ice Rocket House Pictures, 2012
Pastrami on RyeRocket House Pictures, 2009 (Best animated short DUFF, 2009)

Co-founder and editor-in-chief of Umbrella Factory Magazine

The Writer and the Literary Magazine Front Range Community College workshop, 2017
The Tea Room Writers Workshops, spring 2008
Community College of Denver, adjunct faculty fall 2009
The Umbrella Factory Workshops spring 2010 to Fall 2010
Adventures in the Short Screenplay Rocket House Pictures 2010

Johnny, Resort To Ice, 2011
Boyfriend, Speer Bridge, 2008
Narrator, Two Girls, One Pint, episode one, 2008
Narrator, Two Girls, One Pint, episode two, 2008
Tristan. Deja Vu, Blue Whale Productions, 2004

Academic/Business writing:
Anthony ILacqua: 2007-present

My Teaching Resume

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Career Focus: Reading, Writing and the Teaching of Writing

Career Profile:
A prolific writer striving for continual improvement using all educational opportunities as both participant and instructor, and persistent pursuit of publications. A capable and creative instructor in both classroom manner and curriculum development. An uncanny, disarming ability to create inspiration in students and colleagues. I've enjoyed a life full of experience: the active Army, world travel, careers in non-profit administration and the service industry.

Areas of Excellence:
Creating and implementing new concepts
Writing and editing with precision
Setting and meeting goals
Student focused

Professional Accomplishments:
Author of Dysphoric Notions and Undertakers of Rain published through Ring of Fire Publishing Founded Umbrella Factory Magazine Co-founder and Editor-in-chief at Umbrella Factory Magazine
Directed writing workshops program
Wrote award wining screenplays for Rocket House Studio
Revamped intensive training program for service industry workers
Created professional development course for service industry staff

Instruction and instructional design:
Marlowe's Denver 501 16th Street Denver, CO 80202 (303) 595-3700
New hire training program
Process improvement: designed a program to minimize staff turnover
Continuing professional development program
Social Sales co-authorship
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Tea Room Writer's Workshops @ the Holiday Chalet Bed and Breakfast
1820 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80218 (303) 321-9975 The Holiday Chalet Bed and Breakfast
Graduate school teaching practicum
Development of 18 week creative writing course
Retained 75% of original students
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Community College of Denver Reading Department
P.O. Box 173363 Campus Box 201 Denver, CO 80217 (303) 556-2600
Development of college prep course for at-risk high school students
Delivery of a college level course to high school students
Employment of diversity awareness
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Umbrella Factory Workshops @ the Holiday Chalet Bed and Breakfast
1820 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80218 (303) 321-9975
Development of three workshops I taught
Design of the overall program
Instructor recruitment
Instructor training
Schedule of workshop events
Development of the UFM marketing manual
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B.A. English, Metropolitan State University of Denver
M.F.A. Writing, Goddard College
Member of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP)