Monday, March 2, 2009

Dysphoric Notions and When the Peacock Screams

A novel emerged from the very humble beginnings.  I should say, the material that now comprises Dysphoric Notions will become a novel.  It came to 52,000 words.  It's a story about heartbreak and growing up, although I wouldn't consider it a "coming of age" novel.  Rather, it's about connecting and staying detached all at the same time.  Regardless, I am proud of the effort.

As Dysphoric Notions was winding down, I got a great idea for the next story.  It's strange, but I left Portland, OR many years ago and yet I have thought about my old neighborhood there so often.  "When the Peacock Screams" is the working title.  It's set in Northwest Portland, and a long time ago.  I have an interesting cast of characters who work service industry jobs, drink coffee and smoke cigarettes.  There is a serial killer on the loose in the neighborhood.  I want this piece to have a noir feel to it.

So far, I'm having trouble finding the voice and the tone.