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Dysphoric Notions

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Cigarettes and booze, cigarettes and booze, cigarettes and booze. What does it mean, suddenly, to be a mother fucker? What does it mean to change? Dysphoric Notions addresses this difference: is boring someone to death the same as fucking someone to death?

A bartender, a loose lawyer, a bookstore owner, a drought crusader, and a traveling chef grace the streets of Dysphoric Denver in this novel of latent self-realization and loss. Every character wants so badly to change, to grow, to leave, and some change by not changing at all. Dysphoric Notions enter the mind during the morning's hangover; after a neighborhood party in Denver, Colorado, and before making love to J.D. Salinger in a dirty sublet apartment just outside of Lisbon, Portugal.

Undertakers of Rain

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In a country constantly at war, how many people really want to “support our troops” when they need it most? Rallying behind combat soldiers is one thing, but when soldiers need support the most is after they have filtered back down to the cities and towns that spawned them. Undertakers of Rain is ten years after the war. It is the time when Sam and John realize the memory set as men does not include the boyhood memories of war.

Sam and John both have returned home, left university with honors and landed high-paying jobs in finance. They struggle in their relationships with women, they drink in seedy bars, and they hate “hippies.” As they develop into calmer men, men with perspective and experience, they need each other to reconcile the past. Not even the most wicked person lacks moments of righteousness. And indeed, of the people they meet along their journey, not all righteous people are without wickedness.

Cockroaches and Roaches

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It's the ferocious animals
we want as spirits guides
bears and lions and eagles
but the best spirit guides
are often small
cockroaches and geese
one tells us to purge
the other to persevere

This short chapbook of about 2 dozen poems was originally part of The Sofia Ballou Project. Cockroaches and Geese is a three part narration based geographically in New Orleans, Denver and Tucson.

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